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Using (Mighty) Python for Fun & Profit

Python is a high-level programming language that packs alot of punch. It's simple, flexible, and intuitive syntax has empowered it to become the first language many developers and computer scientists learn.

"High Level Programming Language" probably doesn't meant what you may think it does. It's not a good / better / best competition. There's no top language winner. It doesn't designate anything like a bar's bottom-shelf to top-shelf arrangement of worst to best.

Instead, it's referring to the distance from the core on/off, 0/1, bare metal processing that's possible. Computers are simply languages on top of languages on top of language. So a high-level language is a language that's very high up said stack and thus, furthest away from the bare metal switches of 0's & 1's — which are often referred to as "bare metal." Low level languages like C and Rust are common bare metal languages that everything else is built upon, including Python.

However, there are often situations in Python where if you write your code correctly, it can run directly in a bare metal language like C, while giving you the elegance, simpliciy, and flexibility of python.

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