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Love it or hate it, WordPress has made an indeliable impact on the digital world by making it easy for people — and businesses both large and small — to create a professional web presence that’s fast, extendible, scalable, and maintainable. It's been that way since 2003, when WordPress was born.

Where would the world be without WordPress?

For one, the web would probably not be as vibrant — and the explosive growth of the web would probably not have been as explosive. That's because WordPress currently powers over 30% of websites.

Is WordPress the right choice?

That question is so loaded some refuse to touch it — but most will agree that the answer is, "It depends..." After that, there's a thousand different answers that may follow.
I'll cut to the chase with a simple question:

What's your goal?

  • Looking to build something simple, a few pages at most? Nope, WordPress would be overkill for the most part.
  • can be used

How WordPress can help you...

Whether you’re new to the web and looking for something small — or you’re a large business looking for something extensive, WordPress has got you covered. It really is a swiss-army knife tool when it comes to the web. Its large, diverse community powers a vibrant community that's helped make WordPress the undisputed king of web. Face it. By powering nearly 1/3 of the web as of late 2020, WordPress is no longer competing with other CMS types systems such as Drupal, Joomla or even newer systems like React or Vue. WordPress's competition is Google and Facebook. Huge tech giants. However, WordPress plays a Prometheus type role on the web, bringing fire from the gods to man (in a digital sense). It's open-source nature means anyone can use the code to make their own things and own it, all unto themselves.

How to Test Drive WordPress...