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HotJar provides impressive visuals that help you improve key aspects of your site for higher conversions. The visuals are also incredibly handy in pitch situations, helping you sell presentations and get contracts. I’ve used HotJar for a long time, and I really enjoy the service and think it's crucial for any Web Designer, Developer, or Marketer's toolkit.

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Why HotJar?

No matter how good of a web developer or marketer, some assumptions have to be made during website and campaign building processes. HotJar allows you to easily monitor those assumptions and see if you made the right choice. Heard of A/B testing? That's a cinch in HotJar. Want to settle the "Above the Fold" debate yourself — I did with Hotjar, and you can too with "Scroll Depth" heatmaps. Hotjar is ideal for providing visual, data-driven feedback on your website visitors. This empowers rapid changes and followup snapshot reports for fine-tuning. Hotjar also allows you track to unlimited sites and add as many team members you need – making it extremely affordable and valuable. It's not intended to replace Google Analytics, but rather enhance your data monitoring portfolio.

What is HotJar?

Hotjar is an advanced & powerful website monitoring tool. It provides wonderful visual reports that empower web developers and marketers with first-class website analysis.

Powerful, Insightful & Visual Website Reporting

HotJar provides insight to visitor behavior occurring on your site via:

  • heatmaps,
  • visitor recordings,
  • form monitoring & abandonment rates,
  • visitor recordiing,
  • and funnel analysis.

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Website Heatmapping Example Report

HotJar Website Heatmap Example

Website Visitor Tracking Example Screenshot

HotJar Visitor Recording Example screenshot

Form Abandonment / Conversion Tracking Example

HotJar Form Conversion Tracking and Abandonment Rates

Sales Funnel Analysis Example Report

Discover HotJar Website Heat Mapping, Form Monitoring & Visitor Recording

Learn more about HotJar, and what differentiates it from other web analytics programs.