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Glowforge Coupon

Save $500 when you use my Glowforge® link to purchase...

I was foolish enough blessed to have the opportunity to pre-ordered my Glowforge® during their pre-order kickstarter way back in October 2014. After a few nail-biting, anxiety-riden years of waiting for delivery a long wait, my Glowforge® was delivered — and it’s been delivering every since!

An Affordable, Awesome Desktop 3D Laser Cutter & Engraver...

It's been a fun ride so far, and like Dan Shapiro—CEO of Glowforge®— I too believe everyone should have one in their home.

To help you own a Glowforge®, you can use my “founder’s status” referral link to get an additional discount on your order along with delivery in 10 days,

How to claim this discount...

  1. When you're ready to purchase your Glowforge®, click my referral link:
  2. You’ll be redirected to the Glowforge® website. You must purchase your Glowforge® while you’re here for the coupon to work. Click “Buy Now” button in the top right of the webpage.
  3. If it worked, you’ll see not one but two discounts applied to all Glowforge® options. Buy and save!

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